Simplicity + Space

Lately I have felt a huge shift in myself. A shift towards the person I want to become {am becoming} and what I want in life.

the simple life

Right now, the biggest thing that is penetrating every part of my life and tugging at me is: simplicity.

I’m literally craving a simpler life. A life of order, rhythm, beauty and mindfulness.

I want to de-clutter, sell, donate and bin everything unneccessary (which feels like a lot, if I’m honest).

Part of me wants to pack up at move away now (we hope to next year) to a place where things are slower and more meaningful. Amongst nature and with space.

My tiny yard seems so restricting. The fact that I am literally a few metres from my neighbours when I’m outside seems so unnatural to me. Particularly because I don’t know any of them.

Our daily life is simple enough, but it isn’t feeling overly meaningful at times and I know that the clutter and restriction can overwhelm me at times.

I know that things don’t matter and that I can life a simple, purposeful life wherever I may be… but I love the idea of space to grow produce, have chickens, swing and play, cartwheel and entertain.


I would love to have trees to climb, room to have a dog, a trampoline and to ride bikes (even if it’s up and down a driveway). It is frustrating to have to leave our home in order to do many of these things, or not be able to at all.


I’m a very visual person. Hence my love for Pinterest which is an awesome adaptable, visual, organised inspiration board.

I have never done a blogroll… but I totally decided to do a Pinterest version.



2 thoughts on “Simplicity + Space

  1. I have been feeling this way lately, so much so that we are looking at moving to somewhere like Samford where there are lovely green fields, trees, space and peace. It would be wonderful!

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