Our Weekend: Activities and DIY

We have spent this weekend in a state of relaxing productivity.

We have used our new gardening tools (some lovely affordable child-sized ones for Cameron) to plant some rosemary in our herb pot.

Isn’t this little watering can too sweet?

We have cleaned, tidied and organised as we went about our day.

Charli watching Cam clean the window

Speaking of Charlotte, she’s grown so quickly and adapted to be a special part of our family equally as fast.

She’s fun and silly and naughty. She is always attacking us and doing things she shouldn’t do.

Cameron adores her and she happily allows him to cuddle her and chase her around.

I asked Michael to make Cameron a peg board with this one from Little Sapling Toys as inspiration. I would love to purchase that one but with postage to Australia we would be looking at $40!

Mike already has the tools and wood available so for next to nothing he whipped up this one in no time:

Cameron watched him make it. There were lots of “wow”‘s and he was particularly worried about “Daddy shoes!” when some saw dust got over Michael’s shoes – too cute!

Cammy loves the finished product and applauded himself when he put them all back in. We will work on big and small with this.

Stay tuned for my interview as part of the Australian Montessori bloggers series over at How We Montessori! I’m so looking forward to this series – and not just because we are featured in it!


Let me know what you think!

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