18 Month Old’s Fave Toys and Books

A fair few of Cameron’s favourite ‘toys’ are not toys at all (broom, window cleaner, gardening tools, watering can, various kitchen tools, crystals and tonnes of things from nature – leaves, sticks, shells, nuts, seed pods, flowers, etc). He does, however, have some go-to toy toys! Some of Cameron’s most-used toys this month are:

Our second-hand wooden Thomas the Tank Engine track and trains. He loves lining them together with the magnets and knows that if they don’t work one way to try the other.

Instruments. Currently he has drums, tamborine, recorder, maracas, shaker egg, harmonica (which he can’t use), a rain stick, and a bell shaker. They all get a work out while we sing rhymes.

Wooden peg people. He has well and truly mastered these guys on a fine-motor skill scale but he now matches colours and we work on colours with him.

He also enjoys his (Tinkers brand – Big W) wooden tool set, blocks, and vehicles.

One of his favourite things is a cheap ride on.

He also adores his babushka doll, which is a recent purchase. We are working on big/small bigger/smaller with these.

Favourite books:

I Can Eat A Rainbow

Wow! Said The Owl

Anything by Mem Fox

And tonnes of picture/reference books on transport/animals/etc. (I particularily like those by DK, Usbourne and Priddy books)

I really hope to expand on his book collection soon. He has plenty but I feel like he is lacking some beautiful books. I particularily want some of the books by Elsa Beskow, Gwenyth Swain and some others. Are there anything that you would recommend?

What does your little one just love!?


One thought on “18 Month Old’s Fave Toys and Books

  1. Hi. how true. My kids don’t play much with the toys we buy them but simply love the adult stuff like pans and brooms! The only thing is that my o my, when two girls have 2 recorders…. its really noisy and not to mention the drool in that thing and you probably have to wash it ever so often!

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