My 15-Year-Old Self

What would you tell your 15 year old self if you could?

I would tell her:

– you’re going to marry him and it’s going to be magical (my husband and I started dating at 15) – so don’t worry about the little things.

Mike and I at 16

– you will forget most of what you have ‘learned’, you will get the academic outcome that you want, and you still won’t be happy – so stop seeking perfection NOW and just enjoy your teen years.

– when it comes to it, don’t study pharmacy – go do the teaching degree that you actually WANT, not what you think you should do because you can.

– you are not fat, or ugly – you are different clever, funny and worthwhile – so be confident and value yourself.


P.S. I love that my first love is also the father of my children. I love that I kept all of his first ‘love letters’ to me (& that I can remember the giddy feeling of getting a note in between classes).


3 thoughts on “My 15-Year-Old Self

  1. Oh what a lovely idea…and age 15…you instantly took me back to when I was 15, too. I will have to sit with what I’d tell her. It also makes me think about how yes, there is a lot of wisdom within me now…and more to come…and that in the end, everythign really does work out…and to just relax, have faith, go with the flow, and mostly to ENJOY it all. So, thank you for this reminder.

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