my son…

my son:

{loves to spin around and around}

{calls me Mummy 50% of the time now – rather than Rachel}

{makes monkey noises if I ask him “are you a cheeky monkey?”}

{believes that a nudie-rudie run after every bath is compulsory}

{sorts by colour now}

{knows ‘up’ and ‘down’ & points in the direction when asked}

{knows where his hair, eyes, nose, ears, chin, teeth, tongue, hands, feet, belly button, bottom and privates are}

{isn’t that fussed with his new – to us – outdoor play kitchen} – we will do this up, pics soon

{points out things that are circular in shape and knows what a circle is}

{tries to paint/draw in circles and says “round and round” in tot-speak}

{drank out of a vase at Montessori instead of putting the flower in it}

{hears airplanes well before I do & gets this beautiful look in his eyes when he spots one}

{loves koalas (“coo-wah-wah!”) and frogs (“ri-bih!”) at the moment}

{adores this book – he asks to read it over and over}

{is interested in phonics – he already can say & identify m, a, and b}

{said thank you several times to his Daddy for his newly painted rocking chair, and outdoor chairs}

{says his own name now}

{asks to call his Grandma several times a day}

{is getting a longer and longer attention span. He will happily sit through stories and work on something interesting}

this set up meant I could clean the kitchen

{has dropped down to one breastfeed a day most days now}

{asks boobah, please? nigh nigh? when he gets hurt or overwhelmed as he knows that nigh nigh time means mama milk}

{is just adorable}


3 thoughts on “my son…

  1. Wow, one feed a day…any tips for me on that or is it just what he wants, my 20 month old would have 75 1/2 feeds a day most days…lol! Thinking of slowly cutting back over next few months until he’s two. Maybe…

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