My Week

My week has consisted of getting a tooth pulled, getting dry socket due to said tooth, celebrating my nieces 2nd birthday, playdates, reading (parenting books, reference books and Cameron’s books over & over), adventures, Montessori playgroup, park dates, & lunch at my Mum’s where we got to talk to my Grandma and Grandad.

I also enrolled Cameron into the Montessori Children’s House that is associated with the Infant’s House that he goes to playgroup at. Eep! He could be eligible to start when he is 3 (2013) 2 days a week (short days, but still!) which would mean that next year is his last year at home full time with me!

I truly hope he does get in then though. It is perfect and I couldn’t choose a better environment with better people and resources for him to develop as a little person. I always get filled with a sense of something special and peaceful about the Montessori Children’s House.

Cameron has started to ‘read’ to me.

Our strawberries have started growing.

Our coriander is taking over!

Cameron’s fascination for transportation is only escalating. He is now hearing and spotting airplanes so enthusiastically that he hears and sees them well before anyone else. (note also, the new space for the outdoor play kitchen and the cats sunning themselves! hah!)

Cameron is obsessed with babies at the moment. He is so gentle, quiet and naturally caring that he just melts my heart! Here he is giving his baby ‘boobah’. Bless! (in the photo he is yelling “baaaybeeee”)

This pic is from earlier this evening… Cameron went to sleep in his own room in his special bed. We got my pillow, read his favourite (for the moment) story and then I asked him “do you want to go to sleep in your special bed?” and he nodded and said “yes, nigh nigh, boobah, please”.

Such a non-event and a nice start to the gentle transitioning into his own bed. Hopefully the rest of the journey is as painless.

I, however, feel lost. I’m ready to go to bed and I feel odd without him there. Wish me luck!


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