Exciting News!

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After lots of cramping, some bleeding and a truckload of worrying, I had a scan this morning at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit which had beautiful results. I sobbed and made Cameron cry as we saw the heartbeat (130 bpm) and found out that the little one is measuring spot on for 7.5 weeks (due 30th March).

Lots of people guessed this after I said I had to abruptly wean of Zoloft. It’s been a rough start with withdrawl from the medication, pain breastfeeding, and this scare but I am over the moon. This was unexpected despite the fact that we had decided on TTC once my cycle returned. But I was sure that I wasn’t ovulating and we didn’t really try, try if that makes sense.

I found out at the doctors 2 weeks ago when I was wondering why my period hadn’t came (duh!?). How different to my previous pregnancies and how blessed I am.


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