On Pregnancy

“I’m going to be a BIG BROTHER!”

On revealing ‘early’

Someone had the guts to tell me that revealing a pregnancy before 12 weeks is a ‘bad idea’ *rolls eyes* It isn’t a magical mark.. believe me, I’d know. I’d rather celebrate each of our little souls from the very beginning.

I understand those who feel differently but don’t understand why people (especially those who haven’t been there!) feel the need to tell me to feel otherwise!?

Oh and I’ll be having a baby shower too.. every child deserves a celebration!


On symptoms

I’m feeling really great aside from nausea (yay for high potency ginger capsules) and tiredness (read: exhaustion). I am super emotional and cry at the drop of a hat.

I am one of those women who sports the pregnancy ‘glow’ and very early on. My sisters sister-in-law guessed that I was pregnant as soon as she saw me last week!

Oh, my other symptom, which is hilarious, is that I’m super bloated. I wore some maternity clothes today. Oh dear.


On how we found out

We found out through my Dr as I didn’t think I was fertile & wanted to talk about TTC (we fell on my 1st postpartum cycle! we are so very blessed!) & it turned out that I was almost 6 weeks pregnant at the time.

So Mike found out by me calling him, in shock after seeing a line darker than a control line for the first time! It is a very different experience for us, not having been in TTC-mode, but Mike is over the moon.


On gender

I know you are meant to say that you don’t care which gender and that you would be happy with a healthy baby and leave it at that. But truly, we have preferences. The preference just happens to change day-to-day… sometimes hourly (LOL).

I nicknamed this little one ‘Bud’ and so eventually they will be Rosebud or Buddy. Mike is pretty open that he would love a little girl this time around.

I’m going to be very honest now.

Initially, when we were thinking about TTC, I was so against the idea of having a girl.

I really feel like a great mother to boys, it’s just in my nature. My strengths really compliment raising boys and I just adore the mother-son relationship.

(I also have never been a girly-girl. All the pinks make my eyes sick :P)

However, since we are considering this being my final pregnancy (more on that another time – big shift from our original plans of 3-4 littlies), Mike has made it pretty clear that he would find it hard if we didn’t have a daughter. Which makes me more open to it.

I know that sounds silly but I am just being real here, I would happily be one of those Mums to a bunch of boys. But now, the idea of a Rosebud is sneaking into my mind more frequently and I think I’m sitting more in the middle now.


On breastfeeding

My breastmilk is drying up.

Cameron hasn’t had a breastfeed since Sunday night. He hasn’t fed to sleep and he is doing soooo well. I’m extremely proud of him.

I sobbed. As in, ugly cry, wailing sobbed, when he easily curled up to me and slept without asking for boobah.

It has definitely been harder for me than him. He asked for “Mummy hand” and cuddled my arm and slept tonight… normal time… quicker than usual… no fuss. He is growing up.

Oh, how I will miss Cameron & my breastfeeding relationship.

I know that I’ve done well to feed him until this point (19.5 months). And I know that this is pretty great timing. My body needs this break (it’s practically forcing me!) and it’s good for Cameron to not associate this comfort stopping as a result of his little sibling.

It also gives us a great amount of time for him to adjust and start to sleep full-time in his own bed.


Thank you for reading my ranting 😉


5 thoughts on “On Pregnancy

  1. Congratulations on number 2 🙂 And for your honesty. I was also in maternity clothes really early with number 2. My Mum thought I was mad as she couldn’t see the difference, but I could feel my clothes tighter much earlier than with #1. My first also stopped feeding when I was pregnant with #2, I completely understand how you feel with that.

  2. I am SO excited for you! Cam is just precious asking fo your hand. His curls are too die for as well. I have an 18 month old son & feel the sane way actually about being a mom to only boys! I have been following u on YouTube,fb,twitter,&your blog and I would just like to say that your dream you had about having another is coming true! I remember you telling your dream in a video once…Cam being a lil one&you being pregnant again. I’m SO happy for you!!!

  3. I wish I had the courage to talk about my pregnancy.

    I just don’t want to ‘untell’ if anything were to happy.

    Good on you though!! And wishing you a smooth pregnancy

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