Day of Hope – August 19th

Tomorrow is a Day of HOPE ❤ August 19th is about honouring & remembering the lives of babies that could not stay with us.

Speaking out about the death of babies (whether it is through pregnancy, infant or even child loss) is uncomfortable, sensitive & so individual – like grief itself. But in sharing can bring healing and awareness.

For people around those who have had a loss, they can be reminded to be gentle and to acknowledge our losses as something significant.

Stunning tribute to my Ollie
(with thanks to Carly – ‘To Write Their Names In The Sand’)

This new pregnancy has several similarities to my first pregnancy with Oliver. I’m due in the same month, so many dates collide in sometimes terrifying ways. Exactly three years ago his little heart was beating away and sharing my blood.

So tomorrow I remember. I remember the little soul who paved the way for me to grow into the mother that I am today. The little soul who taught me so much in so little time. Who I will never stop remembering.

I miss you.


For more information, see Carly Marie’s amazing website ‘Project Heal’ which provides so much for so many.


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