Mastering Skills

That proud look Cam is sporting is common lately. He has been learning a lot of new things and mastering some old one’s.

He has finally mastered pouring himself a glass of water from a dispenser with a spigot. Until now he found positioning the cup under the spigot hard, or felt like letting the water flow into the bucket below, or did not get the angle right. But now (with tonnes of cuter-than-cute concentration) he has it down pact.

Another tricky activity that I got a snapshot of is his tonging transfer. It takes a lot of hand control and muscle to do this one but he is a pro.

Speaking of muscle, he melted some mama hearts at playgroup this week when he asked to “squeeze orange juice?” and grunted “squuuuuueeeeeeze” as he tried so dang hard! He got some help and enjoyed it with some carrot that he helped me peel!

Cameron’s vocabulary, at almost 20 months, boggles my mind at times. He comes out with new words daily and the clarity of them is amazing. Just now he randomly said “football” when Mike talked about a recent game.

Like his mama (unfortunately) he finds making mistakes really hard. He struggles with accidents and finds some new things frustrating if he can’t work them out quickly.

It is often hard to know how to reassure him because I know what he is feeling and I still struggle with it at times.


Please let me know if you have any questions as I do know that I use this blog as more of a diary and I would like to involve you more 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mastering Skills

  1. How old was he at this point? I’ve had my eye on a water container with spigot for a few months now. My daughter is 18 months old and I feel insecure that she’d spend a lot of time playing with it (leading to a soaked carpet). I love the pregnancy posts and pics. I’m 20 weeks along with my second child right now and have yet to post anything about it on my blog. I have so many things to manage lately, I haven’t been keeping the blog updated or taking many photos. Loving the experience though and cherishing the fetal movement, holy cow this one has been very active for a few weeks now. I feel him?her a lot sooner than I did my daughter.

    • Cameron was introduced to the water dispenser at around 17 months. He did initially go through a stage of experimentation with letting the water go into the bucket below. It also took time for him to use it correctly (position the cup under the spigot, push the lever, etc) but by 19 months he was a pro.

      I felt this bub from early on too. I think it’s common in subsequent pregnancies. How exciting to be half way along! Are you finding out the gender?

      Thank you for reading 🙂

      • I go in for a full baby body ultrasound next Monday and may find out the baby’s gender then. I got bit by the pink bug when I was pregnant with Eva and this time around I bought a powder blue purse and favor wearing navy blue and jeans. We all knew it was a girl early on with Eva so I wonder if I’m having a boy this time. It’s a wonderful surprise. The baby’s birthday is the best surprise ever though. It’s like a moveable Christmas day. Excited for it but not sure when it will be exactly. ❤

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