Perinatal mood disorders

The statistics really suck. The risk of recurrence of antenatal and/or postnatal anxiety and depression is really high.

Hardly reassurring.

I had my first anxiety attack (since the early days with Cam) the other night. I had almost forgotten that unshakeable fear.

Everyone says “it’ll be different this time” and attempt to dismiss any fears that I have. Which pisses me off, quite frankly.

It may be different… but how different really? Having a newborn with a toddler will be freaking hard to begin with. All the fears (irrational or otherwise) that I had with Cameron have just as much of an effect on me now as they did then.

If people do speak of the possibility of me dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, depression and what not again… they always say “but you will know where to look for help”

I am well aware of that. So what?

When I’m mid-anxiety-attack, where I feel like I’m dying – literally, where it feels like there is poison pumping through my veins and I want to crawl out of my skin… where I think of doing the unimaginable just to escape it and nothing that I do or tell myself can change that urgent, terrifying feeling that takes over me… then what?

I should not have listened to my GP (who told me to wean abruptly off my Zoloft) & dismissed my history. I really need to go & get specialist help. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Perinatal mood disorders

  1. If you feel that you need medication speak to Rodney Whyte at the Monash Drug Information Line he will give you CORRECT information about anti depressants and being pregnant. I was on Effexor and a high dose when I was pregnant with my second because my first child needed a well mum. Plus the medication did not harm my second child at all.
    Before bubs is born have all your supports in place. I gave my obs my symptoms as well as the nurses just in case.
    Dont be scared to ask for help when bubs is born as it is tricky with two. Write down what helped you get through the first time so you have them handy. Dont put pressure on yourself.
    Remember PANDA is a wonderful organisation with telephone support on 1300 726 306.

  2. It f*cking sucks..and I don’t usually swear. I’m going through withdrawals at the moment and having anxiety attacks and I can’t even imagine what it is like being pregnant as well. When I was pregnant with Em, they sent me to a Psychiatrist as then it was the norm for when you fell pregnant and had anxiety disorders etc I had pretty bad anxiety through my pregnancy, so I can totally relate to how terrible it is, I’m just sorry you are going through it, but I think getting a referral to a specialist is a good idea.

  3. Hey, you could give Cognitive behavioral therapy a try… instead of medication.

    I did it about a year ago and it corrected things up until I got pregnant and my hormones made depression and anxiety 10 x worse than it’s ever been. I was having panic attacks over little things, ridiculous things lol.
    Now that I’m 38 weeks pregnant and the baby is due to come out in a week, my hormones have just leveled out and I’m scared of the emotional crash that could come with the body changes of not having the baby in there anymore! frig……

    anyway, if you wanna chat, feel free to msg.

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