Sunshine, Helicopters and My Belly

Amber necklace from Mumma Rocks thanks to a beautiful friend

Spring has well and truly hit and with temperatures of close to 30 degrees on some days we have been enjoying some fun in the sun at our local water park.

Speaking of fun in the sun, we are going on a little holiday up the coast with Mike’s family next weekend. We are really looking forward to the break!

Two helicopters used our local lake to fill up with water to put out a nearby fire. Cameron was so excited and it was such a neat opportunity for him to see them up close!

I’m 12 weeks pregnant and the nausea is subsiding (lucky!). I’m showing so much although it is yet to feel real. I have my scan on Monday and my first antenatal appointment on Thursday.

I’ll update after the scan!


3 thoughts on “Sunshine, Helicopters and My Belly

  1. Looking good! I wish you were doing pregnancy vlogs this time around. I never did so I understand. I love following your pregnancy journey thru blogging as well. You look awesome even if your not feeling it! Hope ya feel better soon. To relax my anxiety while pregnant i would use music and mediation maybe with songs that sooth you. Happy 12 weeks!

  2. Look at your adorable bump! 🙂 I showed really quickly with my subsequent pregnancies, thankfully it all evens out in the end- you won’t be massive, I promise 🙂

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