Baby Purchases

It has begun… the baby purchases!

Some people in real life have been surprised that we are selling lots of our baby ‘stuff’ (cot, change table, toys, etc). However, it’s mainly because we didn’t really know what to expect the first time around & now we have more of an idea of what we need for our parenting styles and what works for us.

I am definitely aiming for a more Montessori-inspired baby stage this time around.

Basically this means that Bud will be sleeping in a moses basket initially but we will start to co-sleep soon after (not traditionally Montessori but I find it best for breastfeeding).

We are also getting a mattress for a movement mat which will go in the playroom next to the mirrors on the wall. We hope to have some Montessori infant mobiles too. Kylie kindly gave us the Rainbow Ring Mobile from the Visual Mobile Series. I am making the bell on a ribbon and wooden ring on a ribbon (pictures to come) & am contemplating making the Octahedron Mobile.

Other than that (and the usual necessities like a new car seat) we are getting more natural baby toys.

Anyway, our first purchases have been:

A second hand ikea play gym

A puzzle ball (sometimes called clutch ball) from etsy

Wooden teething rings from etsy

Montessori grasping beads from etsy

There are several other things that we are hoping to make as well which I will blog about when we get to it.

A great source of inspiration for what to provide in the infant stages and when to introduce them is the series that At Home with Montessori (a brilliant Australian company) has been posting. Also, see the posts on How We Montessori for many of these things in practice.

Anywho, it’s 3 am and I have pregnancy insomnia but I’m going to attempt to get back to sleep 😛


4 thoughts on “Baby Purchases

  1. Could you tell us more about the way you co-sleep please? I am breastfeeding my 13 week old and am very tired with all the get-ups in the night but I feel uncomfortable when baby is in bed with us as I feel i always have to lie in the same position on my side which hurts my hip! I can feed on my side but am worried about feeding on the other side as my husband is on that side. How did you work it all out with Cam? Love your blog!!

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