Montessori At Home (21 Months)

At 21 months, Cameron and I have been working on the following Montessori activities at home. I apologise in advance for the lack of corresponding photos…

Most are self-explanatory. I’m only going to mention what he has taken a liking to and mastered (or mostly mastered) unless otherwise specified.

Practical Life

Fine motor skills – dry pouring, wet pouring, sponge work (lots of spills but very interested!), transfering with tongs, spooning items between bowls, puzzles (simple peg puzzles with shapes or items) and stacking (he is loving building with blocks now)

Gross motor skills – spinning round & round in circles, attempting to jump (he is getting better & better), crawling up & down stairs, walking up & down stairs with a rail, climbing, swinging, balancing over beam (his favourite)

Care of self activities – hand washing (he has mastered turning on the taps now & I have put a hook at his level in the bathroom so that he can reach his own towel & dry his hands), washing face, undressing (hats, tops, shorts, nappies, underwear & some shoes) & he can now put on hats himself

Control of movement – carrying objects carefully

Care of the environment – cleaning (mostly with tissues & water), sweeping & mopping with some success, putting away activities/toys (he amazes me with this sometimes – he put away all his train tracks and trains this morning without me asking while I talked to my Mum on the phone!)

Food preparation, etc – cutting (zucchini, brocolli, banana), washing food & eating with cutlery, stirring/whisking

Sorting and categorising activities – only colours at this point

Grace and courtesy – saying please & thank you, sharing, talking about feelings (happy, sad, angry) as an introduction to helping others and empathy, saying sorry


Learning about the senses – he is very interested in learning colours & has began to point to some colours when asked (blue, yellow, red) but can only identify orange by name, Cam isn’t keen on smelling different scents in a formal way (with homemade scent bottles), hot/cold, loud/quiet


Basically counting things throughout the day (food, stairs, blocks, etc)


Concept development like opposites (outside/inside, big/small, light/dark), lots of storytime & reading, and vocabulary development in everyday life activities i.e. body parts, times of day, animals, foods, tools, etc


Caring for animals (feeding animals, brushing animals), learning about plants and nature (collecting seeds, pods, pinecones, leaves, etc), caring for plants (watering plants, treating them with care)


Collages, gluing, clay, dough, drawing, painting (dot markers, acrylics, water colours), stickers and chalk


Each day I try to incorporate some music/singing/dance activities in the day. This is the majority of what we do at toddler time at the library and the last 15 mins of his Montessori playgroup is nursery rhymes/finger play songs & dancing. Cam has many instruments (bongo drums, tamborine, recorder, bells, shakers, maracas, harmonica) as well.

I’ll update soon with some photos of various activities as well as the new ones that I’m hoping to get started on. One big thing that I hope to start doing is setting up some sensory tubs!

What are your tots up to lately?


2 thoughts on “Montessori At Home (21 Months)

  1. Sounds like you guys are busy but I understand that it is more about involving him in real life activities. We do similar stuff with Noah {also 21 months} and funnily enough second time around with Shion I had a lot more natural toys, sensory basket etc.

    My older son has no idea about empathy- I have been trying to show him but he doesn`t seem to be getting it and his often quite mean to his brother which I know is normal for his age and considering that he gained a sibling at such a young age {12 months}.

    Look forward to seeing the photos!

    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. So cool. My 20month old loves those things too, but I need to try water colors/paint. He hasn’t tried that. Too cool. I love hearing what you do & hope lil baby 2 is well! 🙂 xo

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