Random Cuteness

Today has been one of those days. It has been raining, Cameron is teething (still, he is so unlucky with teeth!), and I’m out of money for going anywhere or doing anything.

But I have been forcing myself to see the sweet, cute, clever and funny things that Cameron has been doing to get myself out of this funk. I love…

– seeing his pride as he does something new (in this case, swinging on the big boy swing)
– hearing how he pronounces some things… like “spep” (step) and “dancee” (dancing)
– watching him put away all his train tracks and trains piece-by-piece without me asking
– looking down to see this:

– hearing him say “oh no” with concern when he hears the sirens of an ambulance or fire engine
– Cam’s enthusiasm for feeding my fish every morning
– watching his brain gears turning as I ask him to point to different shapes (he now knows star, crescent (moon), circle, triangle and square… and sometimes rectangle and diamond.
– listening and watching intently as Cameron reads a book back to me after I have finished it, pointing out the things that I did and nodding.
– hearing him complain about the stickers being “stitee” (sticky) when I set up this quick, cheap colour sorting activity (simply drawing circles with crayon in corresponding colours to the stickers & pointing out how they matched – he did the rest)

Tomorrow we have Montessori playgroup in the morning and Saturday is my Dad’s wedding so hopefully my next post will be full of lovely photos and things to share 🙂


2 thoughts on “Random Cuteness

  1. I love how taking the time to photograph and write can help in appreciating the day retrospectively, you can look back and think, yes that was a great/fun/special time. In a way that you might not be able to when you are in the moment.

    I love reading about your preparations for the baby too!!

  2. I can’t wait to get there! I have yet to deal with a toddler but I hear sometimes you just have to stand up and sing really loudly and maybe dance in a circle when they are driving you crazy..

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