Activities – 21 Months (Photos)

From the top:

Impromptu tiny block towers. Cameron decided to use the coloured blocks from a sorting activity to build tiny towers. Very cute and great fine motor work.

Tonging transfer (corks). This is a great step up from tonging pom poms as it requires wrist rotation to orientate the tongs to get the corks facing different directions.

Letter and shape recognition. I drew the letters and shapes that he knew at the time in white beeswax crayon and gave him watercolour paint to reveal the ‘hidden’ messages.

Planting seeds. This was a hit with all the littlies at Montessori playgroup! They planted broad bean seeds which are ideal as they sprout super quickly and are easy to see.

Ripping paper. He loved ripping the tissue paper to make his Grandma a sun catcher. Nudity optional đŸ˜›

Ocean themed, different coloured items (one-to-one transfer) sorting in muffin tin. I bought a whole heap of these pebbles from the pet section at my local discount store for only $2. Cameron has well and truly entered the sensitive period for order and really enjoys categorising items. (I’ve found him lining toys up lately too).

Introduction to funnel work. He wasn’t keen on the funnel. I think I need to get a narrow-necked vase to demonstrate how a funnel helps. I coloured the water for interest.

Colour sorting stacker. Self explanatory and fun for Cameron as it is easy for him.


I’m currently waiting for my copy of the book Montessori at Home (I purchased a hard copy. It is very affordable!) which will hopefully mean you will see many more activities and ideas on my blog. I’m a bit excited.


3 thoughts on “Activities – 21 Months (Photos)

  1. Thanks so much for your activities info and pics. I have used quite a few of them for my 2 and a half year old son already. Im off now to buy some coloured pebbles for him to sort out later today. Please keep the ideas coming!

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