Family Snaps

I haven’t had a digital camera for a fair while now (I’ve had a bad run with them, this is the second one to break on me!) – hence the dodgy phone-camera pics.

But I thought I would share some of our family snaps!

Cammy all suited up for my Dad’s wedding. He looked mighty cute but refused to wear his shoes! He held Jayka (his cousins) hand to walk down the isle. I told them “hold hands and walk” & they took that quite literally – walking right up and straight past the bridal party! Too cute!

Our little family.

Slides have become a sure favourite lately. Cam asks to go to the park often and loves slides like this one where he can get up and slide down independently. We count him down and his pride when he does it all by himself is so precious to see.

Me at 17 weeks pregnant, rocking the bed hair, pjs and stretch marks. Note the belly-button poking out! Bud is now moving regularly and Mike felt him/her nudging his hand today. The other day we experienced our first in-utero hiccups too. It’s just as magical and awe-some as with Cammy’s pregnancy.

I am so so happy. & so so blessed.


3 thoughts on “Family Snaps

  1. First I want to say I’m sorry for my bad English. 🙂 You are such an inspiration. We have been struggling for three years now and I had two miscarriages. Now for one year I can’t even get pregnant. It is so hard but when I hear or read a story like yours I get some hope. You are amazing and I wish you a peaceful pregnancy.

  2. How fabulous do you look on that picture? absolutely glowing. Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a beautiful bump you have already! xxx

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