Recent Fun

I recently invested in a large shallow tub for sensory activities with Cameron. (I purchased a 34 L storage container from Kmart for $15 – for anyone in Australia wondering). Until now I’ve used various containers and his water table outside.

Some of our latest fun is inspired by Play at Home Mom (have a look when you have plenty of time… that blog/community is a wealth of awesome knowledge).

Cameron loved his last experience with shaving foam free-form art so we switched it up this time with watered down food colouring in a spray bottle (one that Cameron can easy use), glitter shakers and heaps of foam!

This kept his interest for a really long time and he got right into mixing the colouring in with his hands, trying different coloured glitter. He was very proud and said “I did it!” a lot. (Using ‘I’ is a new advancement)

We moved the activity outside after some time and we did an impromptu science experiment with good old baking soda and vinegar (coloured, just for fun). This was an instant HIT which was repeated many times.

I brought some water beads from ebay (20g blue, red, yellow, clear & black from this seller for a decent price). These are super-fun water-retaining, non-toxic, colour-fast (won’t stain) polymers which make for a great sensory experience as well as being awesome for bouncing, squeezing (Cam loves how they slip & ‘pop’ out of your grip), learning colours, etc.

In other news we have some Montessori mini-cylinders coming in the mail from ebay – so I will let you know how they are.

Next Friday we have our big 20 week morphology scan. My Mum is taking the day off so she will be coming to our Montessori playgroup and I’ll have more to update you on regarding the pregnancy front!

We are also participating in Little Red Farm’s cultural exchange, which I’m super excited about. I have already started gathering up bits and pieces for our packages and have some ideas for things to include.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


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