25 Months – tot school and where we are at..

Cam is almost 25 months old – 2 years old!

I saw this on a blog that I follow & decided that I want to record how C is doing developmentally before we start our tot school units (more on that later).

Brush Teeth, with Help – C is great at putting the toothpaste on and imitating the brushing action. However, I always brush them after he has a go because I want to make sure they are clean.
Wash and Dry hands – C loves getting onto the step himself and dispensing the soap on his hands and rubbing his palms together. But  I still offer assistance on parts of the process (turning on the tap, rubbing the soap all over his hands) but he can rinse them and dry them well (I have a towel on a low hook for him to do this independently)

Should be able to:

Take off an article of clothing – C can completely undress himself (nappy, shoes, socks and all) with some outfits. Shirts prove to be the most difficult and he is yet to master zips and buttons consistently.

Feed a doll – he has done this on occasion.

Build a tower of 4 cubes – Easily

Identify 2 items in a picture by pointing – Most definitely. More than I could possibly count.

Will probably be able to:

Build a tower of 6 cubes – Yes.

Throw a ball overhand – yes, not with accuracy though.

Speak and be understood half the time – C speaks a lot and pretty well but is quiet. I don’t think many people can understand some of what he says yet (aside from myself, my husband and sister).  He mostly expresses needs and narrates what we are doing and/or seeing. His speech isn’t conversational yet.

Identify 1 item in a picture by naming – Definitely. More than I can count.

Identify 4 items in a picture by pointing – again, yes. He can do this for most every noun he knows.

May possibly be able to:
Jump up – he loves to jump (or ‘pump!’ as he calls it) and succeeds half the time but sometimes it’s more like bouncing…one foot leaves the floor but not both.

Put on an article of clothing – Cam can put on a hat independently and some shoes. He attempts other clothes sometimes with limited success.

May even be able to:

Draw a vertical line in imitation – yes, he draws vertical lines and circles when I ask him to.

Build a tower of 8 cubes – He has done this before.

Carry on a conversation of 2 or 3 sentences – He is speaking pretty well.  His speech isn’t conversational yet; although he can narrate 2-3 simple sentences in a row.

Other milestones:

Can always name and point to – blue, yellow, red, pink, orange, black, brown
Can sometimes name but always identify – white, purple, green, gold

Can always name and identify – circle, star, moon (crescent), triangle, square and diamond
Can often identify – rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, heart


Can name the phonemes for – s, b, m
Can sometimes name the phonemes for – f, a, c, t, r, o, h, u


Can say/read – 1, 2, 3, 5, 8
Can say 1-10
Can count to 6 without prompting (has only done this twice)

Body Parts

Can name and point to – hair, eyes, eyelashes, nose, teeth, tongue, mouth, cheeks, chin, toes, fingers, feet, hands, arms, belly, belly button, bottom, privates, nipples, head, legs
Can often name and identify – knees, ears, neck

Potty Training – he is no where near potty trained. Until recently he kept cutting teeth (which means runny poo for him) so we haven’t focused on this. He is aware of his bodily functions and I feel that he has been ready for some time. He has successfully weed on the toilet (with padded inner seat) several times and often tells me he is going to wee or poo.


Sorry for the boring post update! I just wanted to keep record of this and thought I would share! We are starting our own little tot school at home tomorrow (more info on tot school ideas/printables/packs/etc here – http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/TotSchool.html)

I have been organising fortnightly themes (with coordinating sensory tub, dough activities, letters (2 per unit), number, shape and colour) for the next 5-6 months. I am using free printables from around the internet, some cheap books/toys and library books. I will be using Montessori-inspired printables when possible.

I will do a post reviewing our first week, this weekend and list of my resources and thoughts. Hopefully that is something interesting to some of you? I will also try to do a pregnancy update, I’m 31.5 weeks and had a midwife appointment today!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “25 Months – tot school and where we are at..

  1. I’ve really enjoyed going through this list especially as our boys are the same age. Even if we don’t like to admit it we are always seeking to know that our children are ‘keeping up’ or ‘doing well!’.
    I am also about to embark on some kind of ‘learning process’ with Freddy but I think I will just implement exercises from the Montessori at home ebook or from the albums I have from Karen Tyler.
    only 9 weeks left! how exciting! xx

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