Lucy Violet is here!

Lucy Violet entered the world at 6:25am on the 25th of March after a 17 hour labour. She weighed a petite 6 pound 8, was 51 cm long and had a head circ of 34cm. I pushed her out in one push!

We are all in awe and in love with her! She is just beautiful and such a dream baby. Aside from a post-dural-puncture ‘headache’ (so not a headache, as those in the know would know!) & the consequent visit to theatre for an epidural blood patch, we have been doing beautifully. I am so blessed and this is such a different experience to last time!


8 thoughts on “Lucy Violet is here!

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Over the weekend i came across ALL of your youtube vlogs…i think your really brave for doing this and allowing the world to come along for the journey..would love to hear from you,kids are georgous…

    Best Wishes


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