Toddler Yoga, Organisation and Fun!

I purchased the book ‘Little Yoga’ by Rebecca Whitford (after seeing it on one of my favourite blogs – An Everyday Story) for Cameron as he really likes imitating whole body movements lately.


It was an instant hit! He asked us to re-read it several times and surprised me with some of the poses he tried.


I have been finding little ‘lists’ and ‘notes’ from Cameron like this one lately. He has become very interested in letters and numbers and the written word.

Cameron adores ‘helping’ me with everyday tasks. I have created this board for him. It is at his level below his clock next to the kitchen.


It has each of our daily tasks with a drawing (poorly drawn, but hey – he guessed them all aside from the table cleaning one) laminated and magnetized so that he can see what we need to do & remove each task as the day progresses.

I am in the process of re-organising everything in our home and changing the playroom in particular to make it more Montessori-inspired. I will post photos when I’m done!


5 thoughts on “Toddler Yoga, Organisation and Fun!

  1. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. I love your task project with the little pocket to stow them away in. I’d like to get the boys more interested in yoga too. I’ve noticed that whenever I roll out my mat they always gravitate towards it.

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