More Space Updates, Activities and Developments

Cameron is very very involved with practical life activities at the moment. I don’t really have to create any specific ‘activities’ because he wants to do everything and help with everything.

He is now pretty much toilet trained and I’d say 70% night-trained. He is getting better at brushing his own teeth, washing his hands thoroughly, washing himself (I have bought mini bottles to hold his shampoo and bodywash, which has helped). He likes to help with changing Lucy and is getting more successful with dressing himself (he can undress himself completely and put on hats, socks, underwear, some pants and shoes).

At 2. 5 years, these are the practical ‘chores’ he typically partakes in daily (I don’t expect it or ask him to, he really wants to):
– feed our cat
– help unpack & pack dishwasher
– help round up washing, put in powder & push button on machine
– help sort washing
– help put out the rubbish
– collect the mail
– help prepare meals
– get own snacks/drinks
– helps to sweep

The only thing that I ask him to do is tidy up his toys with me, otherwise everything else is just natural and usually he is the one asking.

Cam’s love for ‘writing’ and ‘lists’ hasn’t stopped and I will always encourage this sort of thing so I have set up a mini desk next to his Daddy’s one with pens, pencils, coloured pencils, alphabet stickers & stamps, envelopes, lined and unlined paper, coloured paper and a personalised return address stamp (all inspired by Playful Learning Spaces – I own and thoroughly recommend the book!). I’m hoping to set up a stamp & address system inspired by Sew Liberated – except smaller, with a business card holder (I will update once I have done this).

This space has been the inspiration for many spontaneous art/pre-writing adventures already. I’m sure it will evolve and grow as Cameron gets older.

Lucy is almost 4 months old and growing up way too fast. She is a master roller, has found her feet, loves grasping toys and is very strong (doing bubby push-ups and trying to get up on her knees already). Lulu is a very sweet natured baby. She is almost always happy and a very good breastfeeder.

Cameron adores her and she adores him right back. It’s so beautiful to see them together.

Also, I have added a pinterest button over to the right on my blog –>

Unfortunately I have been struggling mentally again lately. Hence the lack of updates again. Thank you to my new subscribers and readers, I truly appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “More Space Updates, Activities and Developments

  1. Hope you’re taking things easy and being kind to yourself. I know how difficult things can get, my mother deals with anxiety and paranoia and she definitely has her ups and downs.

    I would really love to set up a special little place just for Jack to do some art/writing/whatever 😀 He is so into that at the moment but Sarah, being 15mths, prefers to swipe what ever he is doing straight off the table 😦 I’m sure I can make a space for him somewhere…hmmm time to get my thinking cap on….maybe I could rearrange his room a little and find some space in there…

    So you recommend I get Mariah’s book? I’ve been thinking about it but was wondering whether I would benefit from it. I’ve read mixed reviews.

    Oh and way to go Cam! I just love seeing Jack do things for himself. Sarah’s starting to catch up too….well not really but she is super cute trying 😀

  2. Hi! I have been following you for a few years and am sorry to hear you are still suffering mentally. All I can say is that I look forward to your posts and find you completely inspiring. I don’t know how you do it. What a beautiful family. Lots of love from Bedford in th UK xxxx

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