Some of what we have been up to

Sending off packages for the cultural exchange:Image
Mike made a Montessori object permanence box for Lucy:Image

She loves it. She concentrates so hard!Image

Lucy has been exploring a variety of treasure baskets with all kinds of goodies. Pants optional 😛Image

Cam’s shelves at the moment:Image

Cameron started a Montessori-inspired kindy once a week and is loving it:Image

Mike also made a pull up bar for Lucy. She is pulling up to stand on everything but this is just a tad too high at the moment:Image

We have been doing endless activities. Cameron is at the point now where his attention span is really growing and he asks for activities often. He is loving everything Christmas related. Here he is sorting pom poms by size. Image

He is loving puzzles at the moment and is constantly repeating them. We have definitely found the learning sweet spot!Image

Matching alphabet bean bags to sandpaper letters. The letters here are the only ones he knows by name (some by phoneme) consistently. He isn’t very interested in letters at this point. Image

These 10-piece number puzzles (from 3 Dinosaurs printables & 2 Teaching Mommies printables – we are using some of the Christmas ones at the moment) are a massive hit at the moment. They are done several times a day.

All in all we are keeping busy and doing well. Cameron is 3 at the end of the month and Lucy is now 8 months old.

Lucy is clapping and vocalising a lot. She loves music and bops along to everything. She still has no teeth (Cam had teeth at 5.5 months! – he was working on his 7th and 8th teeth by now :P) but boy can she eat!

Cameron has adjusted so well to kindy. Next year he will be doing two 5 hour days in the preschool room.

I hope to update after Christmas with my birthday plans for Cam.

Head over to Kylie’s blog How We Montessori (my all time favourite blog – a must read for Montessori mamas and non-Monte mums alike) for my review of the eco-friendly Glob paint kit.


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