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I have created somewhat of a blogroll at the top of my page. We’re in the middle of moving home (feels like limbo) at the moment, & I thought I would show you which blogs I frequent & get inspiration from.

Lately, (aside from the usual parenting and organising the move) I have been working through and drawing tons of inspiration from the Playful Learning Ecademy. I have been a big fan of Mariah’s and have her book. Needless to say I was over-the-moon when I found out that I had won a giveaway on her blog which included free access to her Ecademy.

I can’t wait to move homes for many reasons but a big one right now is so that I can use all of the ideas I’m learning through her course.

Lucy is now 10 months old. She is a handful! It’s amazing how different your children can be! Lucy is determined and more than happy to voice that she isn’t pleased with something you are doing. By voice, I mean grunt and throw baby tantrums. Yes, really.

We have made the venture back into cloth diapering.

Lucy is constantly pulling up to stand, standing without support and scaling furniture. She’s a climber too and makes her way onto our mini trampoline, the couch and anywhere else she fancies.

She is still only signing ‘milk’, ‘food’ and waving (Cam knew 6 signs at this stage, Lucy is too busy exploring to sign anything beyond food hah!). She’s only just started to give kisses. She says Mum, Dad and ta, and understands a bit more.

Cameron is doing great. I’ve decided to keep him home this year (I was going to take him to a Montessori-inspired kindy two days a week but decided – for various reasons – that it can wait). Hopefully when we find a new rental, move home & settle in, I will be able to get him into kindergym & do more fun out-of-home activities.

Cameron is currently loving duplo. He’s always building and playing out scenarios. It is his go-to thing to do inside. He is so proud of his work too, asking me to take a photo as he is constructing a piece.


His artwork is developing and he often tells stories about his work.

Cam still adores books. Our bookshelves are constantly being added to (with early childhood education and parenting books for me, and various children’s books for him). We currently have been adding relevant Australian children’s nature guides (alongside anything by Steve ParishImage. Cam loves seeing animals/plants/insects that he knows and finding out a bit more about them.

Cam is still obsessed with riding his bike (with training wheels at this point) and has been very interested in tools (thanks to his new workbench and tools & his Dad of course).

Hopefully next time I update, we will be in a new home!


Let me know what you think!

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