Toy recommendations for a 9-12 month old

I always love seeing what toys and materials other families recommend, so I thought I would share the toys that Lucy tends to favour. As a Montessori-inspired household, she of course has access to all of her toys on low shelves. She also has access to some of Cameron’s toys as well as general toys like blocks, musical instruments, our play farm and various animals and cars, etc.

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Her absolute favourite toys that get played with daily are:

– a wooden postbox toy from the Early Learning Centre
– this ball tracker which I was lucky enough to find 2nd hand (apparently called a ‘GoGo Toys Clogging Track’)
– her DIY Montessori object permanence box
– this music box by ‘U Wood Wooden Toys’ that I got from ebay

montessori, toys, infant, toddlerSome more toys that get regular play and I would recommend are the peg stacker, advanced ball return (she’s only just started to work on this at 11 months), pop-up toy, increasing circle puzzle and the windmill stacker (which mostly just gets pulled apart at this stage but she will consistently choose it).

1st birthday, montessori, toys, gift ideas, toddlerLucy’s birthday is this month and aside from some clothes and books, she will be getting the above from us. The cabbage patch baby doll is a soft toy. The wheely bug, colour sorting stacker and lock box are all from Classic Baby.

Most of what she plays with are more open-ended toys and ‘un-toys’ and she spends a lot of time crawling through our play tunnel, following Cameron and I, playing peekaboo & climbing everything.

What would you recommend for a 9-12 month old? What would you suggest for a gift for a one year old’s birthday?


7 thoughts on “Toy recommendations for a 9-12 month old

  1. Thanks for the great suggestions – I was inspired to get the wooden pop-up toy and the music box as toys for my 8-month-old to grow into, and he’s already enjoying them (albeit just sort of bashing at the music box rather than turning the handle, but he loves it when we turn it for him).

  2. OOHH! Love the suggestions. Small world our toddler just turned one and he’s at a Montessori school (infant room). I also try to have our house and his room Montessori friendly so your suggestions are especially meaningful! Our guy loves putting ping-pong balls into shoe boxes! Talk about cheap. I guess you can’t wrap that up for a one year old birthday! I think I would get someone a drum or Melissa and Doug puzzle. We mostly got clothes though πŸ™‚

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