If you follow my pinterest, or even my facebook page, you would likely know that I am very inspired by the Montessori method and Reggio Emilia approach of learning. As both a mother, and an aspiring early childhood teacher, these methods have many factors that I agree with and value.

reggio, reggio emilia, hundred languages of children, documentation

Documentation within the classroom is one aspect of the Reggio Emilia approach that just plain makes sense to me. It is, quite simply, pictures, recordings, notes (both from the child and the teacher), photos, videos, and other representations of the children’s work.

It might sound simple, but it is such a great tool that enables teachers, children and their parents to reflect, examine and talk about the work that is going on pertaining to an area of learning or a particular project. Having it displayed can offer various points of view, and can help solidify learning and open up more possibilities and opportunities to expand on their knowledge.

Although documentation is typically a Reggio-inspired practice, I think it resonates well with Maria Montessori’s notion of observation. It is really just a visual representation of the many elements of observation, is it not?

So here is my first attempt at documentation, with a little display of Cameron’s first representational drawings of people:

reggio, reggio emilia, drawing, documentationIt has been so sweet finding little people like this randomly around our play area and hearing the stories behind them.

As well as merely preserving different memories of learning, I love the idea of documenting children’s projects at home for all the reasons that Reggio-inspired schools document their students work.

montessori, toys, materials, home, documentationLucy is ONE in a few days! Can you believe it? She’s such a character, I will definitely have to update how she is going asap.

Tomorrow is our last day in this house! We are moving this weekend and saying goodbye to our home of four and a half years! I’m so excited, our new home is going to provide some amazing opportunities (it’s much cheaper so we can save for a home) and has a lovely big yard! Next time I update (which will be a while as we settle in and get internet hooked up) will be at a new location! & hopefully with some great photos of our new space!


Let me know what you think!

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