Settling in

Coming to you from our new home and temporary internet!

We are slowly but surely settling in. Lucy had a lovely but busy birthday and Cameron is loving our new space.


Cameron has been so helpful with entertaining Lucy and helping me clean the old house. He is loving having a big yard and finding his books and toys that have been packed for some time.


We have recently been unwell so Lucy has been grumpy and it’s put a halt on some of our plans, including Lucy’s party. Now that we have a long weekend we are hoping to get lots done – finish off everything at the old place and get stuck into setting ourselves up here.

Hope you have a lovely Easter!


One thought on “Settling in

  1. We’re getting ready for a move too. And to a nice big backyard too 🙂 I bet Cam and Lucy love it. This will be our first (and hopefully last) move with the kids. I’m not quite sure how it will go. The house is just around the corner so it shouldn’t be too stressful.

    Gosh Lucy is so big now, isn’t she?

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