Farm Animals, Aussie Animals and A Wild One Too!

ipswich nature centre, wombat, montessori, homeschool

We now live right around the corner from a nature centre. We have already taken advantage of this and visited twice since the move. Cameron is fascinated by the animals and loves learning more about them.

australian animals, matching, montessori

This matching activity is very easy for Cameron but the challenge now is learning the names of some of the animals he does not know well (i.e. bilby, echidna, tasmanian devil). We work on starting sounds of the animals he is very familiar with (‘w’ wombat, ‘d’ dingo, ‘k’ kangaroo/koala/kookaburra). Many of the matching and sorting activities I have made for Cameron are easy to develop into something more challenging and interesting for him.

play dough, diy, recipe, montessori, farm animals, schleich

For Easter I bought Cameron and Lucy some Schleich farm animals (they got plenty of other traditionally Easter related gifts from us and others too) which have been a regular play thing. Yes, Lucy is nomming a gumnut in the photo above. These figures have really helped Cameron learn the different names for female, male and juvenile farm animals.

schleich, farm animals, montessori

After a lot of play with the dough and animals, we decided they needed a bath.

qld, ipswich, snake

We had our first wild snake visit our yard! So scary, considering Cameron was downstairs playing and saw it first and screamed out to me. Our new place backs onto vacant land and a river so I sort of expected snakes. It was a good wake up call to teach Cameron about wildlife. Thankfully he is naturally cautious and respectful of animals and insects.

coin activity, diy, montessori, toddler

Lucy has started more activities. Above are some photos I snapped of her first coin activity. She didn’t even notice I was taking pictures, she was so engaged. Ring stackers are a big hit with her at the moment too. She isn’t sorting by colour or size but she loves removing and replacing the rings of her stackers:

stackers, toys, montessori, home

I have been organising a few activities for both Lucy and Cameron. We went to a baby farm animal petting zoo which Cameron (& I!) loved so decided to expand on the farm animals we know and their young in a fun way. I made up this bingo game! I’m yet to print it out and play but I will share when we do!

montessori, printable, free, farm

Would anyone be interested in this Farm Animal Bingo as a printable? If I get interest I will create a file to share with subscribers 🙂


3 thoughts on “Farm Animals, Aussie Animals and A Wild One Too!

  1. Did you make those cards with Australian animals yourself? It looks like a great activity. I’m just about to print off some pictures of wild animals and attach to cardboard to offer up as a matching activity with some figurines for my 19mo. I would love a farm animal bingo printable!

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