Nature Exploration

At the moment I’m assessing and planning several of the kids spaces in our home. One that is clearly needed in our new home is somewhere to gather our tools and resources for nature exploration. Having a proper backyard has transformed our daily life. We spend so much time outside.


What tips would you recommend for nature investigation? Would you suggest baskets? a shelf? something else entirely? I have space (particularly outdoors undercover) but am thinking of practicality… would a basket be best? Because it is portable?

I’m thinking several baskets [say one for ‘tools’ (such as magnifiers, bug catchers, clipboard, containers) and another for relevant reference books/guides and another for record keeping (i.e. flower press, nature journal, photos of prior finds)] on a shelf?


As we have only just moved to a place with a backyard full of nature enriched opportunities; we have never established a routine with incorporating nature into our lives. At our last home, there was very little to discover and nature enriched experiences were planned and few & far between.


Now I want to set up an area that can hopefully inspire a more organic and frequent exploration of nature. What would you include for a curious 3 year old boy? What has made for great investigation and memories in your home? What is used time and time again?

Any advice and guidance would be so appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Nature Exploration

  1. Great ideas and things to think about. My little boy is just over 1 year and being outside is his FAVORITE thing. I think it’s only going to get worse (or better however you look at it). He wants to do what I do – so water or weed or mow (yikes!). It seems better to just let him explore instead of directing his play while still keeping him safe. So I’m also looking for ideas!! So far I have a small rake and shovel. I like your idea of baskets and bug catching. Maybe some pots for storage as well. ??

    • Thank you so much for your comments. We have gardening tools, a wheelbarrow and broom which are firm favourites with helping around the yard. I would love a full length child’s shovel and rake.

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