Daily Rhythm

I asked on facebook if there were any topics you would like me to discuss and a couple of you said daily routines. Now that Cameron is 3 years and 4 months (in a few days) and Lucy is 13 months old, our routine is becoming more predictable. We generally follow a morning (~6am – 10am) rhythm and night time (~3pm – 7pm) rhythm but our days between 10 & 3 vary greatly.

The morning flows naturally. In the mornings we tend to sing songs and read a book or two, either before or after breakfast. More often than not it’s while we are still in bed.


We prepare breakfast together (mostly Cam and I but Lucy will or be on my hip). For example I will get together the cereal, seeds and honey while Cammy grabs his and Lucy’s bowls and cups. I will get spoons and prepare the food while Cam gets milk and juice from the fridge. We then wash little faces and teeth. We feed our cat and change over Cam’s magnetic calendar (when we remember!). Cameron is pretty efficient at dressing himself but tends to ask for help with tricky zips and ties. Lucy is not a fan of dressing and I can see her being more demanding with dressing herself than Cameron ever was.

The rest of the morning is spent with chores and free play. I will sometimes have Lucy following me everywhere or on my hip but other times she will play alongside Cam or independently as I clean up. Cameron is great at independent play and exploration, however he loves to help me with things like packing the dishwasher, doing washing, sweeping, cleaning up spills and wiping down surfaces.

I tend to let his involvement be voluntary. I do however make a point of letting him know either directly or indirectly that we keep this home as a family and we tidy any messes we make.


At around 10am, Lucy will often sleep & our day can turn to going out (to shops or my sisters or a park) or staying in (playing outdoors, doing art, doing an activity) and at some point we will do other chores like putting out rubbish, checking the mail, hanging out washing, etc. Cameron genuinely LOVES helping to do these things and will beg to do things like take out the recyclables.

Some days I can get next to nothing done whereas others are packed full of productivity. Living in this house with our yard makes for an easier time for me if it’s one of my ‘off’ days – nature is the best teacher and entertainer!


Our night routine is the typical time with Daddy, dinner, tidy up, wind down, bath time, story time and sleep. Lucy’s sleep is still varied so if her afternoon nap ran late she may be up around the time Cameron is going to bed (which means Mike will read him his story and get him down). Cameron is now in his own room, in his own bed. This is very new and came about as a natural progression. We still co-sleep with Lucy and Cameron is welcome to come into our bed.

I’ll save the other topics (behaviour – particularly involving siblings and activities for 3 year olds) asked about for another post 🙂


Let me know what you think!

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