Cameron’s Room Tour

environment, montessori, bedroom, 3 year old, room

Inspired by my involvement in the Playful Learning spaces eCourse, as well as the great Montessori-inspired bedrooms I see on pinterest and my favourite blogs; I have set up Cameron’s room in our new house. It has been a couple of weeks of tweaking and observing and this is the room as it is now.

As I said in another post, Cameron is sleeping in his own bed now. He is 3 years and 4 months old. We bed share/co-sleep/whatever you want to call it. I have never forced the issue of Cameron having his own sleeping space.

This is for many reasons – firstly it was due to breastfeeding. Both my children slept in a co-sleeper or bassinet for their early months but before long they were sleeping between my husband and I. For us it was simply easier. We sleep better and there is no need for getting up in the middle of the night for anything.

However, we were hoping that Cam would have his own space and bed by around this age. I was lucky, I simply made up his room in a way I thought he would find inviting. I didn’t even bring up the possibility, he saw it and said “Mummy, is that mine?” and I replied “yes, that’s your own bed whenever you want it” and that night, instead of going into our room for a story, he went into his!

environment, montessori, bedroom, 3 year old, room

The view of Cameron’s room from the door

His toy drawers store animal figures, little vehicles and one has random play things that enhance his pretend play (an eye patch, an ID clip, a camera, a phone, binoculars, etc) and his car garage is on top.

He will still come into us on occasion but the majority of the time he is in his bed. I’m on the lookout for a night light as I think this will help him for those times he wakes up alone in the middle of the night. His door is directly opposite ours which means I can talk to him if he calls out, but I think most of the time it is the dark that worries him.

environment, montessori, bedroom, 3 year old, room

The kids light table, bookcase and drawers

Cameron chooses his clothing and dresses himself. the blue tub on top stores his underwear. The bottom shelf of the bookcase is Lucy’s, you can see she was playing with her basket of toys before I snapped this pic. On top of the shelf we store Cameron’s toys that are best kept out of Lucy’s reach, as well as Cam’s nature books and field guides.

Anyway, I thought you might like to see some pics of his space from his level. I got down on my knees for these photos! We have high ceilings in this house so it looks different from an adult’s point of view.

environment, montessori, bedroom, 3 year old, room

These drawers are low and slide easy. Lucy can open them and help choose an outfit for the day.

light table, reggio, montessori, bedroom

The light table is an every day activity for Cameron. These are some of his manipulatives.
(I store the rest in my craft drawers)

fireman sam, montessori room

Although we limit TV, Cameron watches Fireman Sam occasionally and loves playing with these.

I also thought I would share the new fridge shelf for Cameron and Lucy. They have two cupboards too (one for bowls/plates/cups/mugs/utensils/baking tools/etc and the other for snacks) but they are hard to photograph well.

snack station, montessori, practical life, environment, home

Small glass lidded pitchers and fresh washed & prepped fruit and vege

We usually have cheese cubed and yoghurt too but Cam and Lucy ate it all and I need to prep the cheese with them and buy some more yoghurt!

snack station, montessori, practical life, environment, home

New lidded glass jug for 3 year old Cameron’s milk (also have another for water and juice), one of Cam’s new cups (great size, op shop find),
one of 13 month old Lucy’s cups (shot glass) & my 1L water as size reference.

What do you think? Any suggestions or questions?


11 thoughts on “Cameron’s Room Tour

  1. I think you’ve put together a fantastic room for Cameron. It is light and inviting. And, of course, you’ve made everything so easily accessible for him. There is no wonder he was excited about this being his room.
    I especially love that light blue wall.

  2. What is a light table? Does it light up so he can better see what he is doing? I love the idea of the children having their own shelf in the fridge πŸ™‚

    • A light table/panel/box is a Reggio Emilia inspired idea. Yes, it lights up and can be used to explore colour, light, shadow and all kinds of things in new ways πŸ™‚

      There’s tons more info out there if you’re interested. Pinterest is full of light table DIYs, toys, etc!

      Thank you for commenting and reading πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Racheous!! Thank you so much for posting recently. I really was happy to see the posts when I woke up this morning in the UK!! I absolutely love the room so light and welcoming. What an inspiration. I too am interested in Montessori/Reggio and have 2 kids, Tommy (3 ) and Florrie (2). I chuckled when I read about your little girl-I have a spirited, wilful, delightful but sometimes maddening daughter and a very laid back son. How did that happen?! I have felt overwhelmed and down at times – motherhood is such a challenge isn’t it. Wonderful too. Sending you lots of love from our side of the world. PS I love crafting too and find especially knitting really helps me relax. xx

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I love your children’s names. Motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

  4. Those little jugs are divine, can I ask where you found these? I am always on the lookout for practical kitchen stuff for the kids.

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