Creativity and Creepy Crawlies

Creativity in our home is a regular but non-scheduled thing. Every once and a while I will set up a specific medium to explore or play some different music. But for the most part we do the same things everyday.

We sing our favourite nursery rhymes. We play with our musical instruments. The art materials are out and available at all times (fine tip pens, pencils, coloured pencils, pastels, crayons, plasticine, dough, molding tools, stamps, papers, glue, stickers, scissors) and something is created daily. Cam’s latest thing is making ‘treasure maps’, so we have rolled up bits of paper in odd places.

I try to take photos of Cameron and Lucy being musical and creative but they always end up looking like this:

music, musical instruments, home, montessori, playroom

The little maracas in that photo are Lucy’s favourite and are so sweet. We were given these by a family in Puerto Rico during our last cultural exchange.

puerto rico, montessori, culture swap, maracas

easel, kids, montessori, art, painting

Our messy activities like paint are done on our verandah. This was only Lucy’s 2nd time using her easel. She chose to forgo her art smock.

easel, kids, montessori, art, painting

Don’t Cameron’s paintings look gorgeous hanging to dry. My favourite is the one of the very right. He said it is a party with people and balloons and lights.


Now onto something completely different – creepy crawlies! Australia is the best place to find creepy crawlies! I grew up in New Zealand where you don’t have to worry about poisonous snakes or nasty spiders. But they sure are fun to learn about, particularly if you are a 3 year old boy!

centipede, qld, ipswich, millipede

Cameron found this centipede dead. It was fun to look at with his magnifying glass. Each segment of it’s body has a set of legs. Cam is great with not touching any creatures, alive or dead. I would have to watch Lucy though!

tree snake, snake, qld, ipswich

This is the second snake we have had in our yard already (we’ve only been here a month!). The neighbour swears they haven’t seen a snake in years.. I think perhaps they just aren’t outside enough and don’t have curious kids!

This one was a small tree snake and was dead when we found it, poor thing. It was good to be able to see it up close though.

What have you or your children found in your yard?


Let me know what you think!

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