Our Montessori-Inspired Playspace

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I update our playspace quite frequently as Cameron and Lucy’s needs change and develop.

This time I created the start of a little block area and rotated a few toys.
reggio, mirror, blocks, construction, playroom

I do not sort our toys and materials strictly by subject. Mostly it’s just about what fits, what goes together and keeping Lucy’s items down lower.

montessori, materials, toys, playroom, home

That said, we have a good mix of manipulatives, musical toys, numeracy materials, language materials, imaginative toys, construction toys and sensory items.

montessori, materials, toys, playroom, home

montessori, materials, toys, playroom, home

I have moved a table to the middle of the room, where it is now getting much more use from both Lucy and Cam. Lucy sits at it mostly for fun and snacks whereas Cam will do art and activities there.

art, language, montessori, playroom, environment

Collage and basic drawing is a big hit with Cameron and Lucy adores scribbling. She’s really just big into doing anything Cam or I do.

baking, muffins, preschooler, montessori, home

I don’t often bake so I’ve been making a concerted effort to do so with Cameron. We have made and loved a couple of recipes from Wholefood for Children on Kylie’s (from howwemontessori.com) recommendation.

horse riding, farm, montessori, reggio, playgroup

If you follow my instagram, you would have seen our farm trip including Cam’s pony ride. It was as much fun for me as it was for Cameron.

montessori, cylinders, toddler, home, playroom

Lucy is loving puzzles. I uploaded a video snippet of her doing her increasing circle puzzle last week. She also loves the mini knobbed cylinders (mostly block 1 where both the diameter and height increase).


Would anyone be interested in a more thorough look at our play/learning spaces? Any questions? I always love seeing other peoples spaces so please share in the comments πŸ™‚

You can see Cameron’s Montessori-inspired Bedroom here and my first efforts at creating Montessori spaces in our home here.


17 thoughts on “Our Montessori-Inspired Playspace

  1. Rachel, your space is absolutely beauuuutiful! I KNOW how much time and energy, thought and heart go in to this. My kiddos go to a public Montessori school here. It’s bilingual (spanish and english). This was the first year for the school and it’s gone sooo well for our whole community! I love the look on your kiddos’ faces! You really captured a beautiful look on Cam’s face. He looks so sweet and kind. What a love! Many blessings, Lisa

  2. Love this!! Where do you get all your stuff? My son is 10 months and not seemingly interested in anything other than things he isn’t supposed to be LOL

  3. I’m a little behind on reading blog posts! I love this one! Very cool and great pictures. I would love to hear more. My 14 month goes to a Montesstori school for part-time daycare. I love learning about it and new ways for bringing the ideas home. Where did you get most of your Montessori toys? Do you have a favorite Montessori book? I have “Montessoried” his room but I need to work on the downstairs where is actually plays the most. I hadn’t thought of that until I read your post. Seems obvious now. Then maybe he’ll leave my kitchen cupboard alone! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear more! I have posted a couple of time showing our room – feel free to check it out and give some tips if you have time. Way to go!!

  4. Hi, my son is in the same age as your Lucy, could you tell me what toys/materials she likes the most? I’ve seen on your video that you have the same 3-circles puzzles as we have – M. loves it (as well as puzzle with circle, triangle and square). I’m looking for other ideas for him, I would appreaciate any recommendations.

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