Favourite toys and where to purchase

I have had a few people asking for recommendations for toys/materials and where to get them. You can see my previous toy recommendations for a 9-12 month old here. If you have a specific item you want to know more about, let me know 🙂

Lucy is almost 15 months old (in a week) and her everyday toys and materials are:

montessori, toys, wooden, toddler, preschoolerClockwise from top left:
Clogging Track by GoGo Toys (purchased this second hand)
Peg and Stack Board by Fun Factory (from Entropy)
Stacking Bowls by Q Toys (from Kidsmile)
The last 3 are all from Classic Baby:
Colour Stacker
Increasing Circle Puzzle
Lock Activity Box by Mamagenius

Aside from these toys, she really enjoys drawing (with her Lyra Ferby pencils), playing with musical instruments and with play silks.

Cameron is almost 3.5 years old. It’s harder to single out his favourite toys as he spends a lot of time playing outdoors and more free, imaginative play. So he spends less time with toys and materials and more with ‘untoys’ and loose parts (i.e. rocks/dirt/sticks, binoculars, a piece of hose, safety glasses). The toys he does use frequently are blocks, duplo, diecast vehicles, his fireman toys, and Schleich animals. Of course, art materials are a daily thing too, particularly collage, fine tip markers, and plasticine.

Half of the toys I have are 2nd hand, the other half are gifts from others or Christmas/birthday gifts. Aside from the stores above, I shop online at Ebay, Fishpond, and Etsy.

I have my current wishlists for Cam and Lulu, as well as the toys I have purchased in advance for Christmas/birthdays on pinterest. Do you buy in advance? Do you have suggestions or questions?

What are your children’s favourites?


One thought on “Favourite toys and where to purchase

  1. Great toy ideas! My little guy is almost 15 months. His favorite toys right now are the Leap Frog shopping cart (bought used at consignment) and the tricycle. We get everything at consignment pretty much. Since he spends 1/2 the day at a Montessori daycare, I feel less pressure to get things 🙂 – although I probably should.

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