It’s OK to be who you are


At the beginning of my motherhood journey, with a babe in-utero, I remember believing I needed to be this certain type of mama in order to be ‘good’. You know the one. The one with the pinterest-worthy home, the Martha Stewart cooking and decor, the knitting/sewing/handmade mama, the one who knows all the answers, the one with a seemingly endless supply of fun, enriching activities for her children.


Thankfully that changed once I was actually faced with the reality of children. Not only is that impossible, but I want my children to see me as the complex, flawed, funny human being I am.

Painted Lulu

I want them to be themselves, so I be myself. I want them to know it’s OK to make mistakes, so I let them see me make mistakes. I let them see me apologise genuinely, so that they will learn to apologise genuinely.

I want them to feel heard, valued and appreciated purely because they are them, not due to some idealised person they expect themselves to be.

My shy boy

I want them to question things and challenge the norm. I want them to celebrate being different and thinking differently. I want them to know that it is OK to be who they are. Because I’m still working on that for myself, and I figure I’ll give them a head start..


4 thoughts on “It’s OK to be who you are

  1. Your sentence about apologising made me thinking how rare I do apologise my children… and it has nothing to do with being perfect mama who I rarely am…

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