Overhead Projector Play and Learn

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Inspired by our recent trip to the Light Play! Exhibition, I have been even more desperate for an overhead projector for our play and learning at home. Lucky me! I have a teacher-friend who has managed to get me an old overhead projector (OHP) from her school as they are upgrading. As a result, I have been looking for inspiration for what we can do with it (especially things that we cannot do on our light table) and thought I should share my finds!


ohp, overhead projector, letter tiles, diy, light tablesource

Creating activities with letter tiles. This could be adapted for numeracy and a form of Montessori-inspired moveable alphabet. I think the added element of light and projection would make the activities more engaging.

alphabet, ohpsource

All kinds of transparencies (printable, diy, etc) can be used for letter recognition, letter tracing, and sight words.


ohp artsource
colour mixing, ohpsource

I particularly love the possibilities of art through sculpture with light and shadow:

ohp, sculpture, blockssource

Of course there are all kinds of opportunities with tracing too:

tracing, ohp, overhead projectorsource
tracing, overhead projector, ohpsource


Geometric patterning:

ohp, patterningsource
ohp, geometric shapessource


fractions, ohp, lightsource

Matching and sorting: here they match shapes and sort colours. This could be adapted for any number of educational activities!

ohp, light, matching, sortingsource


Exploring natural items:

agate slices, nature, light, ohpsource

Viewing x-ray images from a different perspective. Also HERE is a great idea for DIY x-ray images.

xray, x-ray, ohp, overhead projector, light tablesource

Expanding Play

Shadow puppets!

shadow puppetssource

Block play with an overhead projector.

block play, overhead projector, ohpsource
blocks, sky line, ohpsource

Projecting background images for imaginative play! How fun!

overhead adventures (12)_edited-1 overhead playsource

& what about small world play! (with loose parts too)

small world, loose parts, play, ohp,source

I am so excited to try some of these activities and extend our play and learning with light. I hope you saw something that inspired you! If you have any other ideas, please share below! You may find me linking up at these great sites!


6 thoughts on “Overhead Projector Play and Learn

  1. This post is incredible.
    We went to a performance at Arts Centre Melb last weekend, and an overhead projector was a major prop. Cam and I were blown away by what they could do with it. I am on the hunt for an OH projector.
    Now that I’ve seen this post, I’m desperate to find one. Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh these ideas are great! I loved having an OHP when I was a teacher. I particularly liked being able to use it to draw a large version of book characters!

    Thanks for linking to The Sunday Showcase. I’ve pinned to our boards.

  3. That’s fabulous! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    The actual technology of an overhead projector is very basic (mirrors and light), so you could make your own (that in itself would be another fabulous activity for older child).

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