Teething, Talking and Toileting

Oh Teething, how I hate you!

My poor mite is teething. It’s super-duper obvious and seems to be paired with a developmental leap this time so we are in the thick of a not-so-pleasant phase.

 Cam enjoying a calming camomile tea (known as the Flower Tea, to him)

Cameron is constantly knawing on his fingers, refusing some foods, demanding others, whinging in general and feeding more frequently.

Only up side to teething is that he sleeps better than usual during the day. He’s often down for 1.5-2 hours (which isn’t normal for him!)

Cammy has always managed to get 2-5 teeth at a time and I’m pretty sure that we are in for a few this time too. He is getting his fangs and boy are they red and swollen. He even got one cut through then go back up. Not fair!


On the topic of ‘developmental leaps’, Cameron is amidst one now. He is getting increasingly frustrated with his inability to communicate himself well. He even tantrums at times and I hate having to tell him “I don’t understand what you want”.

In the past 12 weeks his vocabulary has tripled. At 16 months he frequently used 50 words in context and now, at 19 months he is using over 150 words and he is adding to that daily. Toddler development amazes me.

There is no wonder that he struggles sometimes when so much is going on in his growing body and mind. He is suddenly interested in numbers, letters (phonics), colours (he loves to point out anything red and blue), shapes (especially circle and diamond) and naming everything.

He looooves to read and will bring books to me, ask me to read them ‘again’, and ‘read’ to me too.

He has gone from simply expressing himself with one word to making simple sentences more often to describe things, and to ask & answer questions (e.g. “there is [the] car”, “bee mug [with] flower tea?”)

He really loves to sing and will say “Rachel!” (he calls me both Rachel and Mummy, switching between the two) to get my attention to show me that he is dancing to the music while I’m driving. He sings along to Bruno Mars “Marry You” by singing the ‘no no no no no’ and ‘yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah’ bits. Too cute. Hah!


We are transitioning Cameron into his own bed during day naps and it is going well. He carries one of my pillows to his ‘special bed’ and picks a book to read before having a quick feed before nap time.

He is definitely ready for toilet learning now. I have been reading online articles about “toileting the Montessori way” (google to find tonnes of great resources) and think that Cameron has been ready for a fair while now and I have been resisting.

Cameron can tell me when he is peeing/pooing and is keen to put his (Thomas the Tank Engine) padded seat on the toilet, to use a stool to sit on the toilet  himself, and imitate wiping, he likes to flush and will wash his hands (we have one of those automatic soap dispenser thingees… I was so annoyed when Mike begged for one but it’s handy for Cam!)

So really all that Cam is missing is a patient Mum who is willing to give him the opportunity to learn and make mistakes.

I have some organic bamboo training pants coming in the mail and I have cut up some old towels in halves for accidents and got a couple of toileting board books from the library. Wish us luck!

My Week

My week has consisted of getting a tooth pulled, getting dry socket due to said tooth, celebrating my nieces 2nd birthday, playdates, reading (parenting books, reference books and Cameron’s books over & over), adventures, Montessori playgroup, park dates, & lunch at my Mum’s where we got to talk to my Grandma and Grandad.

I also enrolled Cameron into the Montessori Children’s House that is associated with the Infant’s House that he goes to playgroup at. Eep! He could be eligible to start when he is 3 (2013) 2 days a week (short days, but still!) which would mean that next year is his last year at home full time with me!

I truly hope he does get in then though. It is perfect and I couldn’t choose a better environment with better people and resources for him to develop as a little person. I always get filled with a sense of something special and peaceful about the Montessori Children’s House.

Cameron has started to ‘read’ to me.

Our strawberries have started growing.

Our coriander is taking over!

Cameron’s fascination for transportation is only escalating. He is now hearing and spotting airplanes so enthusiastically that he hears and sees them well before anyone else. (note also, the new space for the outdoor play kitchen and the cats sunning themselves! hah!)

Cameron is obsessed with babies at the moment. He is so gentle, quiet and naturally caring that he just melts my heart! Here he is giving his baby ‘boobah’. Bless! (in the photo he is yelling “baaaybeeee”)

This pic is from earlier this evening… Cameron went to sleep in his own room in his special bed. We got my pillow, read his favourite (for the moment) story and then I asked him “do you want to go to sleep in your special bed?” and he nodded and said “yes, nigh nigh, boobah, please”.

Such a non-event and a nice start to the gentle transitioning into his own bed. Hopefully the rest of the journey is as painless.

I, however, feel lost. I’m ready to go to bed and I feel odd without him there. Wish me luck!

Continually Learning

I woke this morning with a blocked nose, sore sinuses, aching ears and a headache.

The great thing is that I’ve given myself a break as a result and spent the day doing quiet activities with Cameron while I read and eat good fresh foods.

Caught Cam’s ‘hard work’ in action.
Here he’s pushing crystals into scented playclay.

Easter took it’s toll in the chocolatey form and my body isn’t happy about it.

The breastfeeding weaning was short lived. The novelty & newness wore off for Cameron and he started feeding regularly overnight instead. He sobbed & pleaded and I realised that we both just aren’t ready.

Still, a major change has occurred which is that he is no longer demand fed. & he can feed as little as 1-2 feeds a day (usually 3 though).

So who knows when we will wean or be fertile for that matter. But I’m OK with that.

It will be how it is meant to be..


Only a few months ago I couldn’t even contemplate not breastfeeding. And now… we are gently helping Cameron wean. I’m starting to refuse, distract and offer alternatives.

It’s still hard sometimes, for me, to lose that part of our relationship. But it’s what I believe I have to do if I want our family to grow. I’m still yet to have my first post-partum period and Cameron is almost 16 months old! I want my cycles back, I want to be fertile and my God I want a sibling for him!

The ache is back and it’s different and beautiful. I so desperately want to be pregnant again and to see our family expand. I want a baby brother or sister for Cameron (he now points to babies when we are out and about and says “bubby!” and is so gentle and sweet with new bubs!!!)

Cameron is now excited when he sees cows milk and asks for his sippy. He still asks for boobah several times a day but he’s content if I say “you want boobah? OK, later” or “would you like milk from the fridge in a sippy instead?” or “do you want a snack?” or even “not now”.

It’s easier than I thought it would be. & now Cameron will (sometimes) go to sleep without me (Mike putting him to sleep) and without boobah. Which is a big deal to us.

It’s such a relief and even though I loved our bedtime story, cuddles and boobah this newness is pretty lovely too. Cameron will say “nigh nigh” to me and gives me several kisses before blowing kisses and going with his Daddy.

I’ve always been somewhat of an attachment parent – without setting out to be if that makes sense. We just went along with what felt right for us and before I knew it we were co-sleeping, baby-wearing, breastfeeding. & while I adore it all, I also want Cameron to learn to feel secure enough to do things without me and to learn different methods of comfort.

It’s hard being the only thing that he associates with comfort, sleep & security. Of course, I’ll always be there for comfort him and make him feel secure and confident… but this is a great step forwards.

One day this week he only had one feed. However, he’s gone back to more frequent nursing yesterday and today. We are hoping to get him down to two feeds a day max and helping him to sleep without nursing. It’ll be a process.

I go back and forth on how I feel about it. I’ve been surprised at how it has made me upset. I go from feeling relieved at the progress to protective of our nursing relationship. It is mostly difficult because I wouldn’t be encouraging weaning if it weren’t for the fertility factor. I would happily nurse until he was 2 years old.

However, here is to more progress! Wish us luck!

Racheous ❤

Illness & New Rhythm

Little Cammy is sick. He had conjunctivitis (now cleared, thank you Chlorsig Drops!) and a runny nose which quickly progressed to a high temp & cough. He was/is just his normal self, soldiering on none the wiser.

Doctor said his ears and chest are clear so he’s just having panadol, fess nasal spray, vaporiser, feeding more and resting.

Surprisingly it’s actually easier to take care of Cam when he’s sick. He sleeps more, just wants quiet simple activities (stories, cuddles, puzzles, etc) and is calm. Sounds bad but I was glad to have some time to clean a bit.

I have found lately that I have been instinctively withdrawing from activities outside the home with Cammy and focussing on the home. I decided today to make a concerted effort to create a rhythm to our daily/weekly life and make things more predictable… Simplify. Connect. Enrich.

I love the hum of our home life. I want to slow down and enjoy life more and in turn allow Cameron to do so too.

It’s not that I don’t love all the activities that we do outside the home but looking at it now I realise that less can sometimes be more. All the planning, driving, shopping, rhyme time, kindergym, swimming, and playgroups are soaking up some precious time and often making life stressful.

That’s not to say that we won’t be going out or so on but that I’m simplifying it right down and making these outings part of a routine of sorts. For example, we may go to the park or a play-date but make sure we are home in time for lunch.

Our morning routine is almost always rushed and our bedtime rituals have been getting pretty slack lately. I certainly don’t want a strict schedule and nothing is set in stone but I would like some predictability and to simplify.

Lately Cam is getting involved in household chores in a productive way. He’s loving mimicking lately and it’s just adorable. I only have to show him something once or twice and he’s keen to ‘help’.

From wiping up a mess to taking clothes to the laundry. He’ll help me dress him and wants to feed our pets himself. He follows me around with his little broom as I sweep and wants his own cooking utencils when I’m preparing food. He is very keen to feed himself using utencils now too which means big messes but the cleaning up is pretty fun for him too!

Today he had a ball (no pun intended) with some ping pong balls and cardboard toilet rolls. Who said toys are expensive?? 😛

Must go sleep. I have been trawling Etsy and didn’t realise the time!!

Thank you for reading ❤

Running On Empty

I need a serious re-fuel. I’m running on empty. It sounds pretty dramatic but.. I’m spent. Today the little things just got on my nerves a little more than usual.

Cameron woke up at 5:30 insisting it was playtime. He then pooped while I was attempting to eat breakfast. Nice. The day was muggy, humid and I felt sticky and blah. Cam just whinged most of the day and every whinge wore on my patience that bit more. “That’s enough bubby” was said.. as was “Mummy needs a cup of tea and some quiet time”.

I fumbled throughout the day attempting to feel like my normal self. I tried to pretend I wasn’t over it while my minds eye wandered to a pre-baby self drinking cocktails in a pool in a bikini with no restrictions and responsibilities.

It is all okay though. There are days like this. Hell, there are moments like this in most days during motherhood. That’s life and I’ll re-fuel and be back to my usual self in no time.

But for now… I’m spent. & I’ll allow myself the mini pity party while I wait for Cameron to sleep and *fingers crossed* he stays down. Maybe I’ll do some yoga, have a long shower and paint my toe nails??… Or maybe I’ll just sleep too.

My Tot

Lately my baby has been doing less-than-baby-like things. I’m feeling increasingly like the Mum of a toddler and I’m not sure what to think of it.

Cam has started scaling furniture all the time and stand without support occassionally. He just keeps blowing me away with new words and comprehension of words.

Today we were at the park and he started pointing and saying “doh doh” and I looked to see he was showing me a dog. He’s recognised dogs recently but never vocalised.

He really makes me so proud of him. How does he get that dogs are dogs? With all their variation in breeds, sizes and colours? Things like that amaze me.

His favourite game at the moment (aside from peekaboo – sure fire winner!) is “where is the/your ___?” dog/bird/duck/cat/fish/dog/block/book/ball/elmo and you see him start searching, locate the item and bring it to me. (notice the strong animal theme? 😛 he adores animals)

He’s started sharing – including feeding us and giving dolls a drink (he has a doll named Doug that he particularly favours as well as Elmo or “Mo” as he calls him)

He claps now (last thing on the list of basics like waving, pointing, etc) but it’s sloppy and hilarious. It’s like he’s saying “whatever, see Mum, I can do it – can we move on now?”

He went through a stage just last week where he kept saying “Rachel” (quite clearly too!) after hearing his cousin say it so much and obviously realising my reaction to it but thank goodness I haven’t heard him say it in the past couple of days (I’m “Mum” thank you very much!)

It was so cute at kindergym today – he used the rings that they get them to put on the witches-hats and put them around his neck like necklaces.

Isn’t he perfect?

He really isn’t responding to signing so much recently. He’s much more interested in exploring and attempting to talk by the sounds of things.

It is so hilarious how Cameron dances – he looks so silly thrusting his hips and bending his knees with such an accomplished and excited facial expression with enthusiastic noises. He makes me laugh!

We have been borrowing library books and I’m loving having new exciting books to read with Cam. He’s still most interested in turning the pages himself and pointing at the pictures. It’s very sweet.

I am in disbelief that Cammy is almost 11 months old! I’m desperately attempting to get things rolling for his first Christmas and 1st birthday party!  There is just an enormous amount to do! More updates to come on that!

It’s no wonder I’m getting cluckier really – my baby is quickly becoming a toddler! My little tot is wow-ing me daily with his new skills and I’m just in love and loving every nano-second. Being a Mumma to this gorgeous boy is the best job in the universe ❤

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Cameron Updatermondo

Cam has started commando crawling around (pulling along with his arms and pushing with his feet but keeps belly on the floor) HEAPS more. I have to watch him at all times!

He has also started standing on his tippy toes while on all fours and he loves to push himself backwards from all fours and sit himself up (which means I have to watch what is on our coffee table/bookcases/etc) which is cute and exciting.

He’s going through a bit of seperation anxiety/clingyness and has begun to not like me leaving his sight. He has gone back to very rarely sleeping without my presence. He’s better in the car though now (has always HATED it) so there’s a plus! He reaches up to me and pulling the sulky face.

He’s getting much more interactive with toys now and seems to favour some of them and like trying to work things out. He’s getting more vocal and making more sounds. He’s giggling a lot more often and developing a little sense of humour (certain voices I make are toooo funny to him).

Cameron is almost 7 months old (at the end of this month) and I’m left feeling bewildered at how fast he’s growing now. I can feel his third tooth coming through (a big bump) and his hair (which is now blonde) is all filling through.

He’s always so smiley and loves when I read with him. He really enjoys the baby rhyme time classes that we go to and we like going swimming (photos to come!). He does incy wincy spider fingers, loves attempting to clap and waves randomly.

Hilariously, he’s found a new ‘friend’ which is the sensor in the corner of the ceiling of our room. It blinks red when it senses movement and he smiles at it and waits for it to blink off before moving and making it blink on again and the smiling and games ensue. Too cute!

He’s completely confident sitting up alone now and barely ever loses balance. He can look behind himself and hold objects in his hands while sitting. He loves getting items out of boxes – he could do that all day! LOL

His favourite nursery rhymes are If You’re Happy & You Know It, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and he LOVES The Grand Old Duke Of York.

Oh! & he hi 5’s now… which pretty much means he is the coolest baby EVER. Except that it involves me saying hi 5?, him putting his hand up and me hi 5ing him while he laughs.

He also particularly enjoys us clapping his feet and me saying (in an odd voice) “oh no, it’s up my nose!” (as he puts his finger up my nose while he’s breastfeeding.

Anyway… just random rambling of what my sweetheart is up to. Tomorrow we are making some homemade edible finger paint and letting Cam loose with a canvas. Stay tuned for pics!

Blog Party Up In Here!

Welcome! I’m Rachel and I write this blog about my beautiful life as a young Mumma, wife and woman.

I met my hubby in high school when we were both merely 15 years of age. We’ve since been inseperable. We were engaged at 18 and  married at 20.

I started blogging shortly after we decided to start trying to conceive and recorded vlogs on my Youtube channel. We fell pregnant 3 months later and I shared my symptoms, thoughts and all my excitement and purchases.

I went to my 8.5 week scan and saw a gorgeous wriggly baby so I wasn’t too concerned about our 12 week scan. We had our next scan at 14 weeks and heard the dreaded words “I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat”. I had had a missed miscarriage where my placenta/amniotic fluid had continued to grow and had no signs that we had lost our baby until that point.

I recorded a very raw video after finding out about my loss and have been trying to create awareness and help women going through a similar thing ever since via videos, blogs, emails and comments.

7 cycles later and we fell pregnant again with our son Cameron. I had a beautiful pregnancy which I shared throughout this blog.

After giving birth to Cam I suffered from severe anxiety attacks and post-natal depression (from fear of losing him). It’s an ongoing process but I’m doing much better now and do not have anxiety attacks anymore. I also relactated after having to switch to formula feeding for a short period of time due to sedative medication. I shared that as well on a blog called The Relactater.  

Since then things have been beautiful. Truly beautiful. So I’m sharing that with you, as well as the downright difficult.

We live in a lovely home in Australia. I enjoy spending time with my hubby, family and friends, helping my baby boy discover the world, creating videos and taking photos, digital scrapbooking, reading, watching movies, going to mothers groups and writing.

Thank you SO much for stopping by!