This Time Of Year

I don’t have tonnes to update you with, hence the lack of posts. I have asked Michael for a camera for Christmas, so hopefully soon there will be decent quality photos on my blog?!

I have been so busy these past couple of weeks as Mike has been studying and spent all of last week at his parents place doing assessments. I have always had the upmost respect for single parents but being alone over nights with a teething toddler (hello 15th and 16th teeth!) has been plain hard so my respect has risen even further!

We had a gorgeous birthday party for a little friend with baby farm animals and all sorts of fun this weekend. Cam had a blast despite me being late!

This time of year is always busy for everyone. We have only a couple of little things to get for Cameron for his Christmas and birthday presents (he is born on New Years Eve!) but we have so much coming up in these last 6 weeks of 2011!

I have been so busy (& loving it) with organising & finalising presents for everything coming up! We have Cam’s best matey’s b’day, my nephew’s b’day & Australia Zoo, a big Christmas, Cam’s birthday & party – all before the end of the year!! Not to mention my baby shower plans for February. It’s all so much fun!!

This weekend I’ve been focussing on Cameron’s birthday plans. I’ve finalised a guest list, menu, the favours and printed out & readied all the invitations, decorations, labels and what not.

His party won’t be as big as last year (thank goodness, our poor little house & my pregnant self couldn’t handle that!) but I’m so looking forward to Cam’s birthday because he knows what a birthday is & will love it all! He talks about birthdays a fair bit now and likes to blow out candles and thinks all balloons mean it’s someone’s birthday.

I’m not yet into the spirit of Christmas, but I’m looking forward to that too. Cammy waves at Santa now and said he’d like to ask for “a plane” from Santa (I assume a toy – hah!). However, I’m not convinced he’ll be into the whole sitting-on-a-strangers-lap or getting-a-photo thing… which I’m absolutely fine about!

Aside from the craziness, there has still been plenty of time for normality. We have read and re-read books (Cam is loving all things phonics as well as expanding on his animal loves – newest faves being lizards, ants, rhinos and hippos), and sung many songs (new faves are ‘little Peter Rabbit’ & ‘galumph went the little green frog’).

Anyway, I’ll leave you with our fun from today – playing with ice 🙂

First Birthday Plans

Well it is December and Cam’s party plans are well on the way. I love reading about other peoples party plans and seeing idea boards and what not so I thought I’d give my readers a taste of Cameron’s 1st birthday bash!

The Front

The Inside

I made the invitations and am so glad they are completed as I’ve been designing and re-designing them for too long to admit. The inside invite card is removeable and has a magnet on the back as well as some extra info behind it.

Did I mention that I adore party planning? My blog roll consists of a lot of party inspiration blogs/shops and I’m one who loves details ❤ I love themes for parties!

Cameron’s birthday is Woodlands themed (think trees, leaves, acorns, toadstools, nests, owls, squirrels, deer, and hedgehogs) and I’m really lucky to have a cake-making-and-decorating friend of the family and my BFF works at a balloon/party store. So well… that helps!

The main colours will be green, brown and red polka (toadstool). I’m thinking the food will be:

Woodlands cookies (bird/toadstool/owl/acorn)
Chocolate birds ‘nests’
& obviously candy and the cake

Rustic pies
“Snail” rolls
Egg + tomato “toadstools”
As well as chips, pretzel sticks and nuts

We are having his party at a park which has a tot pool and sand playground as well as great shading and parking so all we have to hope is that it doesn’t rain!

Stay tuned for a Christmas post!

How did/are/would you celebrate your little ones first birthday????

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Sewing Attempts & Cuteness

So I’ve been getting obsessed with finding woodlands themed items for Cameron’s big-boy room (when he turns one) and his birthday (blue, green and brown – trees, owls, birds, nests, eggs, squirrels, acorns, toadstools, etc)

I’ve been mainly looking on etsy but found this cute tutorial for making hand-sewn felt owls… so I gave it a go (disclaimer: I’ve never hand-sewn… I’m in no way crafty… this thing took me nearly 3 hours from deciding to make it to taking this photo.. so be nice LOL)

Clearly he needs pupils… and a name. I’m working on it. At first I told Mike that I was going to make an orange and a green one as well but I gave up on that idea after dropping the needle for the third time and stabbing myself.


Anyway, moving on to even cuter things than that owl… My baby boy is developing a sense of humour and we have so much fun throughout the day lately.

Mike had the day off today (Friday) and we went out for breakfast and lunch. Cam loves sitting in the high chair and ‘talking’ with us.

Driving with Cam is so peaceful now and it’s partly due to his taggie. I bought him a gorgeous rainbow taggie from Little Tortoise at (and on ebay). Now we often look in our rearview mirror and see this:

We got the rainbow taggie blanket (for Cam’s rainbow half birthday). They’re so great because they come with a free matching snap-clip so you can’t lose it & they’re only $10 including free postage!

My etsy “favourites” is ridiculously full as I’ve decided I need to start getting things for Cam’s room and party now (even though it’s not needed for 4 months) and that I want to add some themed homewares to our place.

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