“Uh Oh” & Sign Language Update

Life is good and busy. The kind of good where you feel like you are gloating. The kind of good where you wake up rested and you go to sleep smiling.

Our days have been full on lately. Cameron has (seemingly instantly) turned into a high maintenance toddler (is there any other kind?) and it’s busy even when we are doing practically nothing.

Just recently we started having issues with Cameron’s breastfeeding etiquette – comes with the territory of a nursing toddler! During teething he has wanted to nurse quite frequently and it got to the stage where he would get really upset if he couldn’t nurse right then and there (not always easy!)

He would very unsubtlely pull at my top and make a noise signalling (PLEASE!). It was getting embarrassing and frustrating. So it was time to instill some BFing manners! I continued saying “no” and holding his hands but started to also offer him an alternative – signing “milk” in Australian sign language.

Michael was so surprised to see that practically overnight he went from demanding a feed to politely sitting back and signing “milk”. Now it is so easy and admittedly super cute.

I’ve realised that at this age (14 months) it’s a lot easier to introduce signs and it can help tantrums so much! We also sign “finished”, “up”, “stop” and “wait”… great for a tot!! I am hoping to teach him more and we have started signing animals.

I’m one for a good sing-along in the car (can’t sing… I’m terrible…) and my favourite song at the moment is Katy Perry’s ET. It was too stinkin’ cute to catch Cameron jamming to it in the rearview mirror the other morning with a big grin on his face. Cameron loves dancing lately. From rocking out banging his head to waving his arms about and bouncing up and down. He’s got moves!

My cutie-pie has an obsession with two nursery rhymes: The Incy Wincy Spider (including attempting to copy actions) and Humpty Dumpty (including some seriously sweet giggles of anticipation and throwing himself to the ground). If I ever need to calm him or make him focussed; I can simply ask “can you do Incy Wincy?” or “who is a Humpty?”

Mike has taken up playing soccer for the first time since high school so I’ve been flying it solo mama on Tuesday nights and it makes me think single mamas are Super Heros. Not that I didn’t already.

The other day we had a playdate at the Botanic Gardens (we have another one there on Monday and I’ll be packing my camera and some bread alongside our Ergo, some picnic food and a ball). It was very humid but the gardens were beautiful and the wildlife was just awesome and such fun for Cameron. We spotted ducklings and lizards (including a huge one and one in a tree) and we fed some ducks and birds and two turtles came over and up to try and catch some food! I think it was just as exciting for me as it was for Cam 😛

We have been catching all the sunshine we can and enjoying simple fun with nature as much as possible. Cameron is so at home when he can explore freely and he adores flowers and leaves.

One phrase I hear a TONNE lately is “uh-oh” and it has turned into a game for Cammy. He’ll look at me then purposefully drop something and say “uh-ooooh” with mock shock and all. The sweetness of it hasn’t worn off for me… yet.

Be back soon with more photos and updates!!

Racheous ❤

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My Tot

Lately my baby has been doing less-than-baby-like things. I’m feeling increasingly like the Mum of a toddler and I’m not sure what to think of it.

Cam has started scaling furniture all the time and stand without support occassionally. He just keeps blowing me away with new words and comprehension of words.

Today we were at the park and he started pointing and saying “doh doh” and I looked to see he was showing me a dog. He’s recognised dogs recently but never vocalised.

He really makes me so proud of him. How does he get that dogs are dogs? With all their variation in breeds, sizes and colours? Things like that amaze me.

His favourite game at the moment (aside from peekaboo – sure fire winner!) is “where is the/your ___?” dog/bird/duck/cat/fish/dog/block/book/ball/elmo and you see him start searching, locate the item and bring it to me. (notice the strong animal theme? 😛 he adores animals)

He’s started sharing – including feeding us and giving dolls a drink (he has a doll named Doug that he particularly favours as well as Elmo or “Mo” as he calls him)

He claps now (last thing on the list of basics like waving, pointing, etc) but it’s sloppy and hilarious. It’s like he’s saying “whatever, see Mum, I can do it – can we move on now?”

He went through a stage just last week where he kept saying “Rachel” (quite clearly too!) after hearing his cousin say it so much and obviously realising my reaction to it but thank goodness I haven’t heard him say it in the past couple of days (I’m “Mum” thank you very much!)

It was so cute at kindergym today – he used the rings that they get them to put on the witches-hats and put them around his neck like necklaces.

Isn’t he perfect?

He really isn’t responding to signing so much recently. He’s much more interested in exploring and attempting to talk by the sounds of things.

It is so hilarious how Cameron dances – he looks so silly thrusting his hips and bending his knees with such an accomplished and excited facial expression with enthusiastic noises. He makes me laugh!

We have been borrowing library books and I’m loving having new exciting books to read with Cam. He’s still most interested in turning the pages himself and pointing at the pictures. It’s very sweet.

I am in disbelief that Cammy is almost 11 months old! I’m desperately attempting to get things rolling for his first Christmas and 1st birthday party!  There is just an enormous amount to do! More updates to come on that!

It’s no wonder I’m getting cluckier really – my baby is quickly becoming a toddler! My little tot is wow-ing me daily with his new skills and I’m just in love and loving every nano-second. Being a Mumma to this gorgeous boy is the best job in the universe ❤

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“No” & Other Developments

Well we are all finally over our illnesses and I’ve been feeling creative. I tried my hand at sewing with my Mum’s sewing machine and made this toddler apron (it has a sneaky pocket that’s hard to see which I’m pretty stoked about for a first attempt) for Cameron’s 1st birthday. I’m hoping to make a matching one for myself soon. I also sewed a toy bag for the nappy bag and have been experimenting with applique.

These past couple of weeks Cameron’s started demonstrating a pretty big burst of new skills. He’s now using whatever he can find to play peekaboo (as shown above with one of my shirts :P). He puts the item up and waits for me to ask “Where’s Cameron? Where’s Cameron?” and pulls it down quickly with a huge grin. Sometimes he says “theeere” in baby-talk. It’s super adorable.

He’s also been getting pretty inquisitive (nice word for nosey). Here he is spying on the neighbours mowing their lawns. He’s often sticky-beaking around at strangers at the shops and taking interest in what children are doing.

Cam has also started saying some more words more frequently and in context. He now says Mum, Dad, bird, ball, boobah, there and… more recently (much to my dismay) “no” complete with a pointed finger and a stern facial expression. He signs Dad, bird, boobah and finished (only one he doesn’t verbalise or attempt to verbalise).

Cameron has started to test his boundaries with things like crawling to the rubbish bin (big no no) and looking at us as if to say “look what I’m doooinggg” and will mock tell us off before we get a chance to do so to him. Mum said he reminds her of me at his age and said “good luck”. Karma 😛

Cameron dances now and still does little conductor hands. He makes noises along to the music (learnt that one from his cousin Jolee) and prefers different songs.

He stands without support for short periods of time quite often now but still isn’t attempting to walk much. He’s too fast and efficient at crawling really 😛

Cam is a changed boy when it comes to solid foods! He’s consistently eating large lunches and huge dinners as well as some snacks and 5 big breastfeeds a day. I’m hoping this means a growth spurt as his weight gain is super duper slow-to-non-existant.

& to finish with the sweetest of sweetest things… Cameron now randomly kisses us. He started a month or more ago with kissing when prompted particularly upon going to sleep and waking up which was/is gorgeous. But now he’s started crawling up to Mike and I during play times, standing up and kissing us. He’s such a sweetheart. He’s a real snuggler too and very affectionate by nature. I’m very lucky to have such a cuddly cutie.

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Little Artist?

So the homemade-edible-baby-food-finger-“paint”-ing was put off until today because we have been too busy! But today, after Cam’s breakfast (he’s now having 3 meals a day) I dressed him in a play onesie and got out a canvas for him to have free run of.

He loved it but favoured the blue ‘paint’ so I had ended up dunking his hands into the red and yellow randomly but he would just wipe them on the canvas and reach out for the blue. Too sweet!

Sorry about the stinky mobile photos (although, it is a blackberry so the pics aren’t toooo bad):

It dried well and I’m going to get some spray artwork seal to keep it pretty forever more!

In other exciting news Cam said “Mumma, Mumma” as he commando crawled to me this afternoon! Although I’m sure it wasn’t in context as he’s only verging on 7 months old… I still did a happy dance.

Also, I’m still trying to work out if he’s signing “milk” (we call it boo-bah) when nursing. It looks like waving but the sign for “milk” is like vertical waving bubye so I’m not sure. He’s done it a few times now. He also copies the signs for Dadda, more and sleep… but not in context. Still, he has the dexterity and I think he’s a pretty clever munchkin.

I’m uploading some home vids of Cam (swimming and his first attempts at commando crawling – both older vids) and plan on doing a Mumma Vlog soon (although the rest of this week is uber busy for us).

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